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Tokyo, Japan Special Package Offer

City Package

Tokyo's energy is reflected in a multitude of constantly changing forms : enjoy a few moments of 
Australia natural tranquility - water and greenery in the heart of the city, shopping areas are plentiful, and
Africa there are numerous theme parks : Disneyland, Hello Kitty Land and the Dinosaur Adventure Park.
Asia The highest tower is located in Tokyo City Centre - Tokyo Tower.
* Burma (Myanmar)
* Brunei Package rate is included :

* China 

1. Round trip CX economy class ticket of  
* Cambodia Hong Kong - Tokyo - Hong Kong ;
* Indonesia 2. 3 nights hotel accommodation on sharing

* Japan

twin / single room with daily breakfast ;
- Fukuoka 3. Dinner in your hotel per person ;
- Hiroshima 4. Return transfer between airport and hotel
- Nagoya by airport limousine bus.
- Osaka 5. Tokyo Disneyland passport  or 
- Okinawa half-day city in Tokyo ;
- Sapporo 6. Travel insurance.

- Sendai

- Tokyo

Optional tour :
* Korea South 1. Fuji & Hakone One Day Tour
* Malaysia Enjoy the scenery of rural Japan as you are
* Philippines driven along to Mt. Fuji. Take in a panoramic
* Singapore        view of the Pacific Ocean and grand moun-
* Taiwan tains from an altitude of 8000 feet. Visit the
* Thailand Owakudani Valley and sample the Onsen 
* Vietnam Tamago, an egg boiled in hot spring water.
C & S America Cruise across to peaceful Ashinoko and 
Europe enjoy the picturesque, natural beauty of the
Mid-East crater lake from the Pirate Ship. 
North America
New Zealand 2. Nikko National Park One Day Tour
Nikko is 2 hours by railway from Tokyo. It is
Package Conditions referred to as a Japanese gem, a natural
wonderland of rivers, lakes the Toshogu
Package Price List highlands. Highlights of the tour include 
visits of Sacred Hall. Drive through the Iro-
Home hazaka Drive, and take in views of Nikko's
E-mail natural beauty. After lunch, you will visit one  
Site-index of Japan's finest waterfalls, the lake Chu-
zenji and Mount Nantai.
Products of Japan
Air Ticket  Departure : Daily
Train Ticket Tour code : CX9TYO91HKG