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Osaka, Japan Special Package Offer

City Package

Osaka enjoys a favorable location as a hub for land and sea traffic in the Kansai Region, Japan. The 
Australia Osaka Castle provides a reflection of days gone by, whereas  the trendy American Village in Shin-
Africa saibashi and the area of Dotonbori provide a wide variety of food and entertainment. You may visit
Asia the ancient capital - Kyoto where is 1 hour-drive from Osaka.   
* Burma (Myanmar)
* Brunei Package rate is included :

* China 

1. Round trip CX economy class ticket of  Hong
* Cambodia Kong - Osaka - Hong Kong ;
* Indonesia 2. 3 nights hotel accommodation in Osaka ;

* Japan

3. Snoopy Town admission ticket & Spa World
- Fukuoka one day pass or Walking in Osaka ;
- Hiroshima 4. Return transfer between airport and hotel by
- Nagoya airport limousine bus.

- Osaka

5. Daily breakfast ;
- Okinawa 6. Hotel service charge & government tax ;
- Sapporo 7. Travel insurance.

- Sendai

- Tokyo Optional tour :
* Korea South 1. Kyoto Half-day Tour
* Malaysia It is virtually a living museum of Japan's great
* Philippines artistic heritage. Tour highlights include the Nijo  
* Singapore        Castle, Kinkakuji Temple, the Higashi Hongaanji 
* Taiwan Temple, and the Nishi-Honganji Temple. Kyoto
* Thailand has managed to achieve that fine balance 
* Vietnam between keeping apace the modern world and 
C & S America yet preserving it's past perfectly.
Europe Departure : Daily
Mid-East Duration   :  4 hours in the morning
North America
New Zealand 2. Nara Half-day Tour
Nara, one of the oldest cities, was once the first
Package Conditions permanent capital of Japan. Tour highlights 
include the Todaji Temple, built in the mid-8th 
Package Price List Century, it has remained one of the most import- 
ant temples in Japan, the Kasuga Taisha Shrine, 
Home considered one of the "Three Great Shinto 
E-mail Shrines" of Japan and the Nara Park (Deer Park)
Site-index where more than 1000 deer are to be found. You
may take some photos with deers.
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Air Ticket  Departure : Daily
Train Ticket Tour code : CX9OSA91HKG